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The topic of this paper is regarding the increasingly problematic situation of sharks throughout the world. It argues that sharks should be saved by implementing a course of action plan. This plan consists of three essentials. The first is that government should get involved in the policing of shark killers as well as the government being prepared to confront shark killers. The second is that the government should authorize scientific organizations to be able to declare a species endangered without having to go through red tape. The third is that there should be made an increase in the sharks’ number by doing genetic engineering and cloning.

Endangered Sharks
Thesis: There are many ways to protect the sharks
I. Introduction
a. Pollard (2001), “Sharks number of the sharks is so low…”
b. We should
c. There are many ways to protect the sharks.
i. Active organization
ii. Reserve pools
iii. Make the sharks familiar with new
II. Background
a. What is about the sharks?
i. Niclette Craig (2007) Sharks are long living with low reproductive rates
b. History of shark.
i. Norway flees were catching over 6000 tons of sharks in 1960.
ii. French fleets were catching over 1000 tons as recently as 1979. (Marren, 2007).
c. Who argues about sharks?
i. Hunters think that we have a lot of sharks and they can make a lot of money from them.
III. Main Arguments
a. The fishers do not understand that there are some rare sharks.
i. We can open reserve pools to make increase in the sharks
ii. Avoid the sharks from the pollution
iii. Avoid the sharks from the fishers
b. Make people who can protect the sharks
i. We need marine police
ii. They can stop illegal fishing
c. Make a good organization
i. It can help to make the fishes familiar with its new environment.
ii. It can help to increase the fish which it close to extinct.
iii. Make good roles that can help to avoid the hunters.
IV. Conclusion
a. Thesis restatement
b. Three reasons.
c. Humans should understand the situation of the pollution.

Sharks are killed everywhere around the world. All sharks are changing their places around the world. The global warming and the pollution are causing a decrease in the population of the sharks along with other related animals. “(S)hark numbers are so low experts fear the species may be experiencing difficulties breeding” (Pollard, 2001,para.1). Only 550 sharks may remain on Australia’s east coast, scientific research suggests. After that, the number of people who kill sharks and trade on them is increasing every day (Maddalena. n.d). “Human activities exert a key influence on shark survival and as fisheries relying on other types of fish have declined,” (Maddalena, n.d., para.4). On the other hand, people are starting to make organization to make people understand the situation. According to Marren (2007), there was a meeting in Oxford to discuss the global plight of migratory, open-sea sharks; the Sharks Specialist of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) agreed that practically every species of large shark found in European waters was heading for extinction. As one can see, there are many sources that name this increasing problem and there needs to be some attention thrown towards this issue in order for things to be properly taken care of. While many acknowledge that this is an issues to address, many either do not see the serious importance of this issue, or moreover do not have a plan of action in order to rectify this situation.

The sharks are endangered in our world, so we need many solutions to keep them away from the killers. We need to have a good and active organization for the sharks to protect them from the killers, and have marine police. We need to create reserve pools, which are individual pools in espial farms or inside the ocean, to protect the sharks and make an increase in the shark’s number. In addition, we need to make the sharks familiar with the different types of weather by cloning. Finally, people should stop some of their industrial activities, which affect the sea animals in general.

Firstly, we need to have strong patrol organizations and marine police that have the equipment and capacity to capture the shark killers. What are needed are proper patrol boats that scout the waters and look for such violations. The marine police need to also have the proper authority to arrest and book those who kill sharks. With this power, if someone tries to kill a shark, they could be heavily fined. A proper plan would include a 3-strike system that consists of the following: If it is the shark-killer’s first offense, he would be fined. The second offense would be a much larger fine, perhaps triple the first offense. But if the shark killer persists, they need to be put in jail. This would help protect the sharks from being killed off. There exist some examples of this type of system which have proven to be more or less effective. The reason it is effective is because when people have to pay money out of their pocket and/or risk criminal prosecution against themselves for the killing of a shark, they will naturally think twice about doing it again. One such example is that of a fifty-one-year-old man in Australia ( . According to the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, as of (2008, para.3) “a 51-year-old Lake Munmorah man who killed an endangered grey nurse shark has been fined $2,000.” The shark appeared to have had its throat cut. The law in Australia is that anyone who happens to catch one of these harmless sharks must release it immediately or else they would face prosecution. This particular type of shark, the grey nurse, was officially declared protected from fishing in 1984. In 2001 it was declared endangered. The NSW Department of Primary Industries goes further to put a toll-free number on their website to report anyone who happens to see or witness an endangered shark being attacked, killed, or caught. It is this very example of the policing system in Australia that is needed to be implemented worldwide in order to solve this problem of the disappearing sharks, and to save them from ultimate extinction.

Secondly, the creation of reserve pools would seriously help the sharks increase in number and come out of the endangered classification. Reserve pools are basically large in-house bodies of water which are designed strictly for the purpose of reproducing and raising fish (in this case sharks). These pools are under controlled environments and so there are no predators or otherwise obstacles that would potentially prevent reproduction to occur at a fast rate. These reserve pools are utilized when the very problem of endangered species exists. With these pools, the endangered species can quickly multiply and reproduce. If these reserve pools are made, and sharks are free to breed without predators; in a few years they will multiply and there will no longer be a risk of extinction. These pools would need some funding by the government in order to finance the operation. They are not cheap. However, it would be well worthwhile for the government to solve this issue now before the species become extinct and more problems arise. While one might think that its merely a single species of sharks, a precedent needs to be made that shows the public that the government is serious about protecting endangered species. An investment of about five years would prove useful and would provide the sharks an adequate amount of time to make a comeback. While this is not an immediate solution, no solutions really are. All of these suggestions need to be implemented simultaneously in order for there to be an effective positive result.

Finally, because global warming is also another factor aside from shark killers that is making them endangered, cloning and genetic engineering would prove useful to help the sharks adapt to the new environmental changes and climate shifts. Genetic engineering has been in use for the last decade and is slowly becoming increasingly popular and effective. Cloning and genetic engineering was once though of as taboo; however, now it has become such a part of our lives that in some instances it is hard to do without. If one just looks at the agricultural base, one would observe that there are many instances of genetic engineering being utilized. For instance, there are plants that are genetically engineered to resist the damaging effects of pesticides, or become immune towards them altogether. Other genetically engineered plants also have become more resistant does harsh weather conditions. This has become almost a necessity. Not only to such genetic engineering produce a more productive and profitable crop for the farmer, but it also hard to do without them now. Because of the rising issue of global warming becoming more and more dangerous, it is important that the plants can adapt to such a different climatic change. If they are unable to adapt, then there will be very few crops left and the prices for those remaining few will become extremely high. Similarly, if genetic engineering and cloning of sharks are used to help the sharks adapt to industrialized pollutants, for example, while the factories are simultaneously fined and regulated for such harmful dumping into bodies of water, the sharks will be less endangered. If sharks are genetically engineered and cloned to make them more resistant to temperature changes (as a result of global warming), the sharks will also become less endangered. Therefore, if the sharks DNA can be changed, for example, to deal with the temperature change, and also become immune to diseases that are brought forth by industrial activity, they will become hardier and hence more able to sustain their population and enter out of the endangered zone. Though this is not a quick process, it is possible and it can be done.

It can be said that the disappearing sharks are definitely a problem. However, this problem can easily be fixed if combinations of all the aforementioned solutions are implemented. There needs to be strict and enforcing marine police and organizations that reprimand shark-killers. There also needs to be an initiation of reserve pools so that the sharks can multiply once again while other things are worked on. Finally, the sharks can be genetically engineered and cloned to make the shark more resistant to climatic change and industrial activity. If all these solutions are implemented simultaneously, the shark population will not be endangered and they will surely make a comeback. However, as mentioned before, if these solutions are not implemented at the same time, they will not work, or at least they will not work as quickly. This problem needs to be combatted from all angles – from the shark’s defense and the environmental offense. It is only then that this problem of endangered sharks – and endangered species in general – can be solved and rectified.

In conclusion, it can be said that while there are endangered species that need attention, there must also be a proper plan to save them and provide them with assistance. To this day there is not a proper plan that incorporated all the aforementioned plans and ingredients needed to save such species. While there have been efforts in other countries as well as at home that have perhaps started in the right direction, any existing plans still do not seem exhaustive and are rather incomprehensive. The comprehensive solution should include the government doing their homework first before they initiate any action plans. Furthermore, the plan should include the authorization of scientific organizations to be able to declare a species endangered. Finally, we should make an increase in the sharks’ number by doing genetic engineering.


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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Online Shopping

Do you like to shop online? Shopping online is the best way to save our time and money. Almost everybody has a job, so they become too busy sometimes. Sometimes we drive far away to get something but we can’t find it. So, shopping online saves our gasoline. Also, shopping online is cheaper than in stores because we buy the stuff without tax. However, shopping online has some risks. Your credit card number or your account number can be stolen. “Online shopping has become a convenient alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar store. It has provided a method of easily finding what you're looking for or the best price without ever leaving your home, yet still some consumers still shy away because they believe it's too risky” (Ball, 2008, para 1).

People always like to have low price and good quality while buying their stuff. Of course, they can find it online. But what if we hear someone talk about how this thing can be dangerous? We will be not sure if we will buy online or not because we don’t want to be challenged with our money. But now, we have a high technology process, which can make our credit card very safe.
First, people think that hackers can steal the money very easily from our credit card while we are shopping. But, some companies make their shopping program have very high security. We never like to lose our money. “In fact online shopping has is quite safe, as long as you follow precautions…..the majority of identity theft occurred off-line with criminals intercepting mail or skimming data from carelessly discarded credit card receipts, according to the director of the FTC’s bureau of consu
mer protection” (Ball, 2008, para 1).

On the other hand, using credit card is very dangerous. People feel very angry when someone steals their money, because humans don’t like to lose their money. In our world, some people like to get money very easily even if this way is illegal. So, sometimes people are right to scared. “(Y)es, your credit card information can be stolen. Yes, it’s possible for this to escalate into a case of identity theft…..I’m here to tell you that yes, you can shop the internet safely, if you use your head” (, 2008, para2).

Finally, even if people in the past didn’t have technology as we have now, their money was safer than it is this time. Now, movies are playing a big role in teaching younger people how to steal money with technology. Younger people are stealing money just for fun now. They just have passion to do what they watch in the movies without knowing the risks of the government. ”A former master forger who became an anti-fraud consultant-to the FBI for 31 years and on whom the film “Catch Me If You Can”, …., was based- says the (S)hell incident forms part of a major technology driven crime wave….” (Nicholls, 2006, para. 5).

In conclusion, people can easily have quick and protected shopping. It can provide a lot of benefits. It is dangerous sometimes. Many people lose their money from their stolen credit cards. Most of hackers are children and teenagers. They learn how to steal money from the T.V. without knowing how dangerous it is.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Humans memory

Do you know that human are the most amazing thing in the world. Our memory has data of the best and worst memory that we have in our life. Some people like that think because it make them happy and they hope to happen again or go too the past to see it again. Otherwise, some people hate their memory because it makes them sad or mad, so they want to forget it but they can’t. Sometimes our memory related to our dreams, events, or saying. In my life, I love my country very much, but I don’t go there a lot because all my family lives in Saudi Arabia. I love Tunisia very much. Every time I go there I have a lot of fun. My family lives in rural there, which is very different from the cities. When I wake up in the morning, I realize how it is different by hearing the cow’s, chicken’s, and donkey’s sounds. But, what I like in there is the cow’s smells even some people hate it. That smell is one of best memories that I love in my life. Now, I didn’t go to Tunisia before three years. After I came to the U.S., I still miss my country. When I came here at the first time, I thought that I would never see something could remind me to my country. Suddenly, someday when I was going to my friend’s house in evergreen terrace I smelled a lovely smell “to me”. So, I remembered Tunisia right away and my dad’s place in there. I was so happy. Finally, also I have some dreams that can remind me about many things, especially dreams that happen when I become sleeping and awake. So, the human has mind that can be bigger and saver then any other memory in the world.

Friday, November 21, 2008


As I wrote yesterday, vacations can help people to clear their mind from their job or school. The most people in the world like to travel to coastal cities in the summer time. They like to have rest in a good place with a lot of fun and go to the good places in that country. I went to many countries in the Middle East and outside of the Middle East. All of them were beautiful and cool and each country has its own facilities. But, I like Tunisia the most not because it is my country, but because it has all the abilities to be a great country for tourists. First, Tunisia is a coastal country, so it has a lot of beautiful beaches and people can swim in a clean sea and have a lot of activities on the beach. Second, in Tunisia you can find any kind of food that you like to eat. Tunisia has almost every kind of international restaurants, where people can choose any kind of food they like to eat. Next, when I go to Tunisia, I feel that I’m in an international country. This is because many people from many countries in the world go to Tunisia, especially in the summertime. Finally, Tunisia has become a party at night. All people go to many different clubs and parties with many songs in different languages. The beautiful thing is that people spend all night having fun and meeting other people as I do. Tunisia is a beautiful country to have a good vacation. You can have fun and spend all the day with whatever you like to do.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Do you know vacation has become for some people as the wading is for an old man? Actually, I got this question from my uncle when I had my vacation in Tunisia. For me, the vacation is most beautiful gift I can get from this life, because I can travel and visit my family in three different countries or travel to a new country that I have ever seen during my vacation. First, I like to travel to a coastal city or country the most because it has many activities as swimming with a good weather in the morning or evening, and going to eat or to some nightclub at night. We can meet a lot of people from different countries and have fun with them, like what is happening to me every vacation. On the other hand, my worst time is when I stay at home during the vacation. But, sometimes I go to my friends who are staying home too to play some games or talk about some interesting subject. So we can have a little fun with ourselves. Finally, vacation is the most important thing for some people, but you are unlucky because you are staying at home; just go to your friends to have a small vacation with them.

Monday, November 17, 2008

A lonely lonely lonely

I think that you are (Anna) doing very good job when you stay alone, because you can clear your mind from your hard day or whatever stress you have. Actually, for me, I like to stay with my friends the most of the time because I really hate to feel lonely or to stay lonely. I think now you (Anna) think that I’m crazy. But, I really sometimes feel that I need to stay a lone in my bed epically when I have problem with my father or mother about something. However, I think that people who stay alone for long time or most of their time are strange. We can see from any community that most of the people like to be together. So, why are people who spend most of the time by themselves not considered as strange? “With my respect” but just I need an answer. In my culture, people are staying together most of the time, and they always tease the people who like to stay alone and I that is happening in the U.S. too. On the other hand, Sometimes people need to stay with themselves to solve their problems by themselves or remember the past by listening music. I prefer to stay alone outdoorsy like in front of some river or lake because the sound of the water can help me to relax and clear m mind. Finally, to stay alone is good thing, but if you stay too much it is going to affect your mind. Because of we need some people around us to talk with them and to learn new news about this life.